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there are times when we talk of convolution—the city. you tell me the smell of gasoline is your second favorite sensation & i will always associate it with you. here we find a series of boxes we can check to learn the difference between wants & needs. the landlord will not let us install our own air conditioner & so we will laugh while a man knocks our knickknacks off the shelf in an effort to offer us relief. some people curse when they find gum on the bottom of their shoes but we take it as a sweet sign of all the others in these square blocks finding the same solace. we always have to wake up early the next morning so we stay up late, acting somewhat unconcerned. (writing by: marina midworst x)

part I. of the Mutual Acknowledgement of Being Series

Angelina Jolie at 19 years old (1994)

  • Apple: You forgot your security questions? Okay, just send them to your rescue email!
  • Apple: Oh, you don't have a rescue email? Just make one!
  • Apple: But to make a rescue email, you have to answer your security questions which you earlier said you forgot...
  • Apple: So yeah sorry sucks to be you.
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I’m so pissed right now.

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Hi there I was wondering if you shipped Larry Stylinson????


larry is my otp (:

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i was 1 away from my goal.

but unfollowers


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